Ict4me embraces the philosophy that we engage in a long-term partnership with our customers. This partnership is based on trust. And trust is something you earn. You earn it by delivering results. You earn it by running the extra mile if necessary. To obtain that goal, to streamline the delivery of projects, ict4me has created a delivery methodology, called AAA+ Care. When creating this methodology, we based ourselves partially on best practices as defined in PMI and Prince 2, partially on our own experiences. Our AAA+ Care Methodology tailored to the diversity of projects guarantees a successful implementation to our customers.



Our AAA+ Care methodology is based on  years of experience of Ict4me’s consultants, project managers, partners and customers. We have deployed large international projects in difficult-to-travel-to destinations such as Latin America, Africa and Asia but we also completed national critical communications and ict projects within time and budget. By learning from these experiences and combining them with industry best practices (PMI, Prince 2, …) a multitude of benefits is offered to our customers:

  • Proactively assessing the actual as-is situation and needs of the customer, is crucial in guaranteeing customer satisfaction at the end of the project implementation. By gathering the necessary information in the early phases of the project, we reassure our understanding of the customer’s needs and we can adapt our way of working to better manage risks and uncertainties.
  • Based on the knowledge we gained in the early phases of the projects, we develop solution that best fits the needs of our customer. Relying on our experience that we gained over those  years, proved to be an important factor in proposing a solution with a positive return on investment without compromising functionalities that are crucial for user-acceptance. Our Advise is built around those years of experience; allowing us to design solutions with a faster and higher ROI.
  • By applying common sense, built on industry best practices, we guarantee successful project completion of high quality within scope, time and budget. In a pragmatic way, our project delivery is structured around a couple of simple principles. Firstly, we reassure that we understand the scope correctly. Secondly, we’ll build a list of tasks (bill of labour), define the deliverables to expect and we build a desired planning and timeline. We measure progress, communicate in an honest and integer way, and we take corrective measures when deviations on the initial planning occur. This open and honest partnership between us and our customer is the most important success factor.
  • Once the project has been finalized and accepted, and on request of the customer, we can help to take care of the implemented solution. Our customer care services are tailored to the complexity of the situation, and are driven by high-quality communication and status reporting. Throughout the life cycle of our ‘care’ engagement, we prove our maturity by being very transparent in change management and assure best practices. We strive for the quality as expected by our customers!



Customer satisfaction is based on the fact whether or not the perceived quality by a customer exceeds the expected quality at the beginning of the project or service agreement. To guarantee customer satisfaction, we adhere to some basic principles.

  • We run the extra mile. Our commitment to deliver and our fundamental aim for quality are intrinsic values, deep incorporated in our company’s DNA.
  • We advocate honest and integer communication. ICT Projects can be complicated and unexpected issues might come up. Because it is impossible to foresee or plan every eventuality, projects will show unforeseen peaks of activity. By being open and honest we build trust between ourselves and our customer.
  • We believe that each successful project requires mutual collaboration both within the team and with the customer. We set clear expectations and roles & responsibilities and we’ll involve all stakeholders at multiple moments in the project lifecycle.
  • We guard the balance between scope, quality, budget and time. We guarantee both our customers and our people that projects are planned adequately and correctly, to ensure there is not only time for action, but also for reflection. We do this as proactively as possible, so we can take corrective measures when deviations would occur.


Ict4me follows a pragmatic, four-step project delivery methodology for every engagement, no matter how large or how small. The four steps are:

  • ASSESS – we identify and understand our customer needs and assess the customer’s current situation (infrastructure, suppliers, spending, …). We deliver an as-is assessment report that summarizes the findings and define WHY the project should be done.
  • ADVISE—based on what we learn, we advise our customers in the best solution and to-be situation and guide him in the best possible way-forward.
  • ACT—based on the designed solution, we guide our customers through the implementation. We organize all the needed resources, implement the designed solution and prepare the handover towards the operate phase.
  • CARE—we help customers to stay on top of their business by providing pro-active and reactive management of their ict infrastructure and applications. During this process, we search for and advise on continuously improvements, taking into consideration the latest technology and process innovations



t’s not just technical expertise or experience that gets results. That’s just the starting point. What allows us to get consistent loyalty from our customers are our transparent culture, and our investment in a proven and flexible delivery platform. We call this the AAA+CARE Delivery Methodology, which is simply how we work. Ict4me embraces the philosophy that we engage in a long-term partnership with our customers. This partnership is based on trust. And trust is something you earn. You earn it by delivering results. You earn it by running the extra mile if necessary. We base our approach on 2 principles:

  • Maximal transparency: in purchase of external goods as well as our services
  • Maximum flexibility: in contract mode as well as in integration of processes, responsibilities and tooling
The cornerstone in our methodology is an assessment of the ict architecture and governance including spendings (IT infra & Telco), internal ICT processes and contracted service catlogi and SLA’s. Being very sensitive to long-term recurrent costs, we will draft a four-folded report:

  • A future-proof optimized ict architecture. As an extension, a detailed transformation roadmap to this new situation can be included.
  • A service-architecture and catalog. Both are built for scalability, flexibility and value-optimisation. A lot of our services can be metered by use.
  • An optimized ICT Operations platform, resulting in maximal automation and adaptive windows on your ict environment. This Virtual ICT manager will allow our customers to manage their ICT environment more efficiently.
  • A conclusion: The current and future map drafted will be combined with your current & optimized spendings to come to an estimated cost (TCO – total cost of ownership) per information worker or desk workspace and your savings potential.

A dynamic business, operating with lower overhead costs, increased efficiency and profitability and reliable information across the enterprise is the longer-term objective.



The approach takes is based on the above described AAA+Care Methodology. Every project is different requiring an approach suitable for that project in order to have the right balance between cost and complexity. This tailoring of the methodology is dependent on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Risk factor of the project (multiple suppliers, international scope, new technologies, …)
  • Project requiring intense communication and close follow-up
  • Project requiring complex project and/or contract administration (multiple hand-overs, international shipments and customs, …)

All these projects, independent of their complexity, will be managed and guided by a project manager. He is responsible for all project preparations and coordination, and the reporting towards the customer.


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