Nowadays, it is hard to find an organization or company that is not involved in profit maximization and process optimization. The methods applied range from increasing sales, and cost reduction programs up to measures to increase productivity. In a lot of markets, workforce productivity has a huge impact on the company’s bottom line results. Ensuring your employees can work as efficient as possible is of utmost importance. Most small and medium enterprises struggle to delivery a high quality service level to their employees because of limited ICT staff, undocumented services, non-existing service levels, management distraction, speed of technology evolution, diversity of vendors and providers, … . Long intervention and resolution times, a backlog of projects, breakdown after office hours are well-known issues that disrupts business in a world that is increasingly dependent on ICT. In extreme cases, resentment and misunderstanding build between end users and the ICT staff. Finally, it is exceptionally difficult for a small ICT department to adopt and implement best practices and formal service management frameworks .

We believe that most small and medium organisations would drastically benefit form a dynamic business, operating with lower overhead costs, increased efficiency and reliable information across the organisation. We help our customers to achieve this increased efficiency by being responsible for the ict support for their end-users. This way the internal ict staff and the management can focus on their core business.


ict4me is an independent Benelux-based ict service provider and sourcing partner. We are committed to help our customers to increase the efficiency of the workforce. We want to be the ict partner of choice for organisations in their quest for a more dynamic business, operating with lower overhead costs, increased efficiency and reliable information across the organization. We do this by delivering superior professional and managed services, focussed on 1 domain: the END-USER & his/her device.

ict4me is an independent Benelux based ict service provider and sourcing partner, focussed on the END-USER & his/her device

We deliver professional and managed services, specialized in 4 competence areas:

  • END-USER WORKSPACE: fat or virtual
  • END-USER SERVICE DESK: remote or on-site
  • DATA, VOICE & APPLICATION MANAGEMENT: on-premise or cloud-based
  • IT OPERATIONS: full or selective sourcing, powered by our Proteum Platform

We serve selected professional markets:

  • – Non-IT knowledgeable organisations (without internal IT staff), typically businesses or institutions with less that 75 white collar workers on a Benelux basis.
  • – IT-knowledgeable organisations with small IT departments (less than 5 people), typically businesses or institutions with more than 75 and less than 350 white-collar workers on a Benelux basis.

We are best in creating value for businesses or organisations:

  • – that would like to make profit models from ICT
  • – with complex business models requiring enterprise-class ICT
  • – going through the first phases of start-up or beyond
  • – going through an internationalization phase
  • – experiencing rapid growth
  • – with mobile field- or sales forces
  • – seeking a zero-footprint ICT infrastructure
  • – with cloud-based or online business models
  • – without internal ICT knowledgeable resources or departments
  • – with shared space property (typical real estate) such as Business Centers, Executive Suites but also Business Lounges, Hotels, Serviced Accommodation


  • – Professional & Managed Services
  • – Crescent Cloud Services
  • – Access to our ICT operations platform, called the PROTEUM Platform
We differentiate ourselves by our focus, our AAA+CARE Delivery Methodology and our investment in a proven delivery platform. This PROTEUM Platform enables our partnership cornerstones:

  • – Maximum transparency: in purchase of external goods as well as our services
  • – Maximum flexibility: in contract mode and in integration of processes, responsibilities and tooling
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