We embrace 5 core values that we demonstrate on a daily basis at every level across our company. They are the foundation of ICT4me to which we attribute our successes. It is under this guidance that our professionals work for what really matters – our customer’s delight. We use an acronym to help us remember to live by our values day after day: “I CARE”



We are Integer We say what we do and we do what we say. We don’t lie. We make sure we execute our commitments. We are transparent in everything we do and say. We accept personal accountability for our own actions, commitments and results.

We Communicate


We communicate proactively with our customers, in a professional, honest and humble way.  We are responsive by  answering questions promptly. Customers expect that. Colleagues expect it. Trust creates speed and speed creates trust.

We are Agile

We operate against the highest standards of agility: the ability and flexibility to rapidly adapt to the realities of the daily changing business environment. Agility means the freedom to decide what’s best for your business today – while having the flexibility to decide again tomorrow! We support this challenging agile environment and we strive for flexibility in everything our company, colleagues or customers ask for. We don’t complain.

We Respect

In all circumstances, we treat people with respect. We adapt one’s style to each individual customer. We display integrity & transparency. We recognize one’s mistakes and rectify them by offering a helping hand. We don’t blame in public. We show respect by showing a responsive attitude and answering questions promptly.

We are Engaged to run the extra mile

ICT is complex. Although we strive for excellence in performance in all we do, things do go wrong or go not always as expected. We never give up until our customer is satisfied. We feel engaged to Crescent. We run the extra mile for our Crescent and its customers.


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