Your voice and applications depend on the underlying connectivity. High availability is crucial, and alternatives to protect against outages should be considered. ict4me can help to select -and manage- the best suitable on-prem infrastructure and WAN provider or optimize data communication costs. These can be significant!


A complex application landscape is costly. Ict4me can assess your current and future application needs, weigh the pros and cons of a private versus public cloud and write a recommendation. The combination of our crescent cloud platform & eco-system of cloud application specialists guarantees a smooth path to the cloud.


Hosted PABX or Forum upgrade? Which voice price plan? Which mobile or fixed operator? Video conferencing? Lync? Dropbox or OneDrive? Sharepoint or Yammer? …
Too complicated? Let us do the thinking and design and implement a suitable application architecture, tailored to the needs of your employees.


As companies cope with the growing amount of corporate information being generated every day, they face a daunting truth: without their data, they have no business. That’s why it’s so critical to now have a modern and dependable backup system in place to safeguard valuable business information, wherever the data is stored.

Especially small to medium-size enterprises struggle with management complexity of ICT, the rapid evolution of technologies and diverse nature of providers and pricing schemes.

We bring enterprise-class ICT to the Small and Medium Enterprise to make sure our customers can do business in confidence.


Especially small to medium-size enterprises struggle with management complexity of ICT, the rapid evolution of technologies and diverse nature of providers and pricing schemes. We don’t expose our customers to the risk of experimenting with new technologies. We bring enterprise-class ICT to the Small and Medium Enterprise to make sure our customers can do business in confidence.

In some service-specific sectors workforce productivity has a huge impact on the company’s bottom line results. Ensuring your employees can work as efficient as possible with the right application set within this complex ICT landscape is our core competence.


ict4me’s backup & restore service is designed for efficient performance and compatibility with not only on-premise systems but also public, private and hybrid cloud architectures, and thus is designed to master this increased complexity.

ict4me’s cloud backup performs fast, efficient and secure backups of all types and locations of data, including

– Physical and virtual environments

– Enterprise servers, databases and applications

– Endpoint devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones

– Data in cloud-based applications


IT organizations continue to face tight budgets and headcount restrictions that threaten to reduce the quality of service. This is taking place while IT’s role is being expanded to be the single point of contact for both IT and non-IT issues. ict4me’s ICT spent assessment will draw a roadmap for this crucial ICT Spent Optimisation proces.

As an example, communication costs can be significant:


Data communication costs: not only your wired internet connection but also your mobile data charges need to be considered. Is your mobile operator’s contract reviewed in the past 3 years? Are your roaming charges for mobile data secured? Did you re-assess your telecom-provider recently?


Voice communication costs: what is your typical calling behavior? Did you encounter bill shocks? Are your voice tariffs (mobile and fixed) reviewed in the past 3 years?


Migrating to external cloud computing has a significant impact on an IT organization, their role as a supplier and the way in which applications are developed and used. During the migration an organization becomes less of an internal IT environment and increases the utilization of external cloud computing environments. It is ,therefore, necessary to take the presence of composite applications in the architecture into account. In addition, the move from the current enterprise IT environment to the different migration paths (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) has its own characteristics.

One of the best ways to approach cloud migration is to view the current IT environment from the perspective of applications or services. At the moment not all applications or services are suitable for migrating to an external cloud environment. For the less suitable applications, you’ll have to find a way to have those legacy systems co-exist with the cloud-applications. Even for those, we might have a solution in place!


Outsourcing is used to accelerate time to market through enabling business transformation, providing access to new skillsets, improving the quality of service and allowing organizations to focus on their core business.Outsource providers can rapidly and easily scale up and down to provide an agile infrastructure in response to changing business needs. This enables an organization to rapidly assimilate or eliminate specific skills or resources needs as they change within a given architectural environment. For instance, database developers can be deployed to help the organization migrate to a new data management system. The talent and best-of-breed capabilities of these specialists would be put to heavy use during development and implementation phases, and then reduced to a maintenance level for ongoing operation. In short, the organizations can access different skills and technology as needed to accelerate their business transformation.


Outsourcing can radically reduce the cost and risk of upgrading technology by allowing a company to rework selected features and functions rather than entire applications. Because outsourcing providers offer access to many different platforms, an organization can move gradually to more current and more powerful systems as business requirements change over time – without committing to a long evaluation, pricing, acquisition, installation, and implementation process. Additionally, providers offer access to a wide variety of key applications that are already licensed, stabilized, operational, and fully supported; allowing a company to evaluate, test, and implement new applications more efficiently.

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